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We are glad to introduce ourselves as a team of result oriented and practical Vaasthu consultants. We provide services at 3 TIER LEVEL that includes
  • Vaasthu consultancy…through diagnosing the problem and giving the remedies to nullify the negativity.
  • Architectural-Interior designing services include making plans for any new building according to the Vaasthu norms. It also provides plans for renovation of existing dwellings. It also gives you the sketches and plans for interior of all residential and commercial complexes.
  • Civil Engineering jobs are taken up optionally.
Vaasthu Shastra is a Vedic Shastra. However with the advent of so called modernization, this valuable treasure has disappeared loosing its much deserved importance. The result is number of problems leading to unhappiness and failure in various spheres of life.
We have obtained the best results from contemporary civil engineering and architecture methodology, clubbing it together with the ancient Vedic Vaasthu Shastra’s norms and laws in our practice. Our basic objective and purpose is to provide maximum - long term benefits and satisfaction with a practical approach towards remedial measures.
Our charges are very modest and reasonable to suit every pocket for following services…
  • To select the Vaasthu based shop, house, flat, plot, industry etc.
  • To make plans, for new bungalows, apartments, societies, showrooms, industries, factories etc.
  • To reorient the existing imbalance of energies and balance them so as to achieve solutions to the existing problems in any Vaasthu.
For any of your problems, feel free to inquire and get magical solutions. We shall be happy to meet you in person either at our office or at yours with prior appointment.
We wish and pray for your success, peace and happiness.